teaching unplugged – in brief

Here’s a message that follows the previous one


And it features a pack of tissues: not just any tissues, but a pack of City LifeTM tissues from the market. I have chosen these not only because of the attractive green roses (it came in a multi-pack with other cemetery-flavoured colours too), but for the poem that features at top right, and which reads as follows:

When the night falls / Moon and stars / Cars and Bars / Beer, water, vapor / Just like lovely smelling flowers

It’s really quite a good poem  – especially the progression from beer to vapor, thinning out like the city’s dreams – until the last line, when the writer’s energy does seem to falter rather. Perhaps the boss walked in.


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  Fernando Guarany, Jr wrote @

quite a good poem indeed, Luke.
feels so much like London to me.

fernando from Brazil

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