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A little more conversation

Well, Cardiff was great. It was so exciting to see the book for the first time – more exciting than I even imagined. And it was good to make new friends, catch up with old friends, hear new ideas and – as always at IATEFL – to be part of the whole.

My head is still buzzing from the conference, and to be honest I haven’t slept well since. I thought it must be a full moon, but I am told it is a half moon, which is still twice as bad as no moon.

I set up this blog a while back, but I didn’t dare say very much in case Teaching Unplugged failed to materialise at the last minute. Now I know what I want to do here: to keep the conversation going with the friends I made and met in Cardiff, and with people I continue to meet along the way.

I’ll be posting a number of updates and interviews in months and weeks to come, as well as bringing news of an exciting development in Canada from the world of music – so watch this space!


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  Fernando Guarany, Jr wrote @

I’ve been relentlessly incorporating Dogme principles into my lessons in the past two years or so. It’s been a turning point in my teaching career. I teach at one of the Culturas in Northeast Brazil. . .
Looking forward to your updates.


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