teaching unplugged – in brief

The fair’s movin’ in

Across the fields to the fair: police standing around looking lost, as if they were looking for a football match; fairground girls, as slim and cold-faced as gangsters’ molls; washing hung out to dry by kennels at the caravans behind the rides. Boys holding cigarettes like knives. And the night, darkening like a prophecy.



  richwill wrote @

Incidentally, I’ve just had a look at a couple of pages of your book online and I think it might just be my favourite thing ever, well done!

  richwill wrote @

Hi Luke,

I’ve been a fan of your articles for a while and will definitely be getting my hands on your book; you articulate brilliantly exactly what I’ve naturally fallen into doing in the classroom over the last number of years. I joke about my job being simply talking to people and occasionally pointing things out, but I know that there are more things going on beneath the surface that I don’t usually bother to think about; the main thing I know is that it’s fun, stimulating and effective. I just have a quick question: as the summer rolls around I’m looking for an interesting school to work in where experimentation is encouraged and it’s not based around a unit a week of the coursebook; given my years of experience I can pretty much choose my school. Are there any in London that you would recommend?

The ‘darkening like a prophecy’ line is a great one btw.



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