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Teacher Training Unplugged

After reading Anthony Gaughan and Izzy Orde’s blog posts, Scott and myself were really looking forward to their IATEFL talk, and it didn’t disappoint.

Dramatising key moments in dialogue form, they explained how and why they rewrote a successful CELTA course to reflect dogme principles.

Their story was an object lesson in having the courage of one’s convictions. It helps when the institution you work for is understanding; it helps when the team is small. But it takes real nerve to put your work on the line, real determination to realise the possibilities and convince the assessors.

When Tessa Woodward talked about teachers tweaking their classroom practice, she didn’t mention the half of it: these guys tore up the template and rewrote the book in two hours, with nothing but tea to keep them going. I bet it wasn’t herbal.



  Anthony wrote @

Dear Luke,
Wow. I don’t know what to say. If I could frame this blog right now and hang it on my wall, I would.

Thank you.


ps: you’re right about the tea. 😉

  lukemeddings wrote @

Hi Anthony

Pleasure,it was an honour to be there.

I am relieved about the tea and look forward to more TTU blog posts.

Btw did you see the hidden caption for the pic?They only appear when you hover with a cursor..


  AG wrote @

Heh, Heh – yer a sly ol’ rogue, Mister Meddings, on my soul you are!

Izzy is sadly down with the Lurghy at the moment but as soon as she is sorted day three will hit the blog.

All the best,


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