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Ups and downers

OK, how are you supposed to sleep after a big conference? I’m still buzzing like summer and casting round for a sedative that won’t interest the government’s drugs czar.

Is herbal tea the answer? To nobody’s surprise, it turns out it isn’t. If I take something with valerian root in it, the least I expect is to enter a Keatsian nether region of semi-oblivion, not to feel as if half a temazepam has gone down the wrong way. So it’s back to the drawing board marked ‘blended whisky’.

The IATEFL comedown starts when you get to the station, scanning the platform for branded hessian bags and friendly faces. It gets worse when you arrive in town, scanning the streets for friendly faces. And you realise you’ve hit rock bottom when you start embracing randomly branded hessian bags. Well, till Brighton…



  Lindsay Clandfield wrote @

Luke, I am ashamed that I only got here now to your blog. Ihave spent a very pleasant half hour reading the posts. In answer to your question, for downers I usually use…(sound of loud beep as my publisher discovers I am sharing this and censors me).

Seriously though, those events are a massive high. And you are right about the bags. I expect (I hope) the hotels around Harrogate have discovered a new use for them, there were probably quite a few left in rooms.

  lukemeddings wrote @

Well it is only the second week of the relaunch – you’re an early bird Lindsay! (Did you get the reduced subscription rate?)

The bags tend to collect in my office until something gives. At present I have a Trinity bag from IATEFL (hessian) and a Cambridge ESOL bag from ELT Management Conference (paper) in uneasy proximity. I think the hessian would win in a fight.

Guess we’ll have to give you an upper on some future occcasion to discover the identity of the downer!


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