teaching unplugged – in brief

In the i of the Storm

Sometimes my mind feels like Google – without the search engine. Trying to make sense of a week’s thoughts for the blog, I find myself looking frantically in books for things I read online, and searching a thousand tweets for a link to something I read in a book.

How to make sense of all this information, all this interconnectedness? The more I use Twitter for professional development, the louder the buzzing of my mind at night, humming and murmuring, clicking like tram lines in the city.

I guess we need to be able to say: enough. One blog piece that sticks, a couple of tweets that really connect: these are riches enough for a single day.

Note to self: start a scrapbook, and learn to relax.



  MarianSteiner wrote @

I meant to leave a comment on this post earlier, but struggled with the same thing: thoughts jumbled up, agreeing, but unable to put it to words, feeling I should do something quickly, or it’ll be too late.

So I had a nap.

Just woke up again. One of the most important skills in 21st century: how to distinguish between the unimportant and the useful… and knowing when to take a nap.

  lukemeddings wrote @

Good to hear from you Marian. I think sleep – especially in the shape of the informal nap – will become a diminishing resource in the 21st century. Digital warming to blame? (Reminds me – must check Twitter… and my second e-mail account…)

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