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The space race

Kieran Long’s Evening Standard piece on the newly listed buildings of London’s Brixton Market struck an immediate chord (listing buildings in Britain makes it harder for developers to spoil them).

The buildings of Brixton Market are awkward, idiomatic, the wrong shape for modern retail. But public spaces, Long argues, ‘should lead people to discover things about their town, allow the city to speak.’ He contrasts this with the ubiquitous shopping mall, which is ‘more about choreographing our experience of the city.’

The analogy with teaching is irresistible: it’s easy to ‘choreograph’ our classes too much, whatever tools we have at our disposal. Publishers, like developers, have an interest in monetising (classroom) space – and as teachers we should resist this. We can do so by managing lessons that lead people to discover things about language, by allowing them to speak.

Beyond onefortywords…

For another take on space, check out Rob Jacob’s post on Teaching In The White Spaces – thanks to Chris Cattaneo for tweeting this.



  Ceri wrote @

thanks for this, Luke (and Rob and Chris) – it’s a great analogy for the importance of thinking time and active/creative silence in the class

  lukemeddings wrote @

Hi Ceri – thanks for visiting. Yes, Rob’s is a terrific post – there are so many great posts out there, and I guess one way to give them some kind of traction (in one’s own mind, if not the wider digital world) is by readvertising them!

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