teaching unplugged – in brief

Trippin’ on blip

Ten days ago I finally dived into #nightshift on Twitter (the nightshift hashtags tend to appear at dusk, like swallows). I was coaxed into setting up an account at, and immediately found myself listening to music I love. It was good to sidestep my obsession with Finnish composers and revisit some Gillian Welch and Northern Soul.

#nightshift is a nice example of the ‘long tail’ – niche content sustained by online enthusiasts. Lady Ga Ga can look after herself, but when a shared admiration for Alela Diane put me in touch with Laura Ponting in Vietnam, Laura responded: ‘Oh my – didn’t know anyone else in the world knew her’.

I was reflecting on the need to start a scrapbook of online learning sources and references from the internet – turns out does just that for online music. Thanks, nightshifters.


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