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One of the great mysteries of ELT has been solved: not why so many units of self-study grammar books remain untouched, nor even why the photocopier always breaks down five minutes before class, but how one should pronounce ‘dogme’.

Many have tried – variations have included /dog-ma/ with a second syllable schwa, and /dog-mee/. But few, it turns out following a live link-up to Scott in New York*, have succeeded. It transpires that the correct Danish pronunciation is closer to /dough-ma/, with light stress on the first syllable, the merest hint of a ‘g’, and a gently rising schwa to follow.

Our thanks to Sussi Lassen for this very welcome information – the word has a rather lovely lilt to it, and we now have a whole new way to confuse the world’s assessors! ‘Was that a dogme lesson?’ ‘Well, actually – doughma.’

*OK, Skype

onefortywords Special!

At IATEFL Harrogate, 10 years on from the start of the dogme ELT group, Scott was asked by Peter Fenton where he thought dogme might be in ten years’ time. I’m curious to know what other people think, and would like to invite 140 word contributions to a onefortywords Special on ‘Dogme – the next decade’. If you’re interested, please e-mail your submissions to by 31st July.


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