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Flow river flow

Many weeks ago I was touched by a tweet from Mark Andrews, and reminded of a song that somehow fits his searching, life-affirming blog: Sandy Denny singing Ballad of the Easy Rider, her voice like air: ‘The river flows, it flows to the sea, wherever that river goes, that’s where I want to be.’

I googled Sandy and discovered she was born down the road at the South London hospital we took our daughter to when she was tiny – while the cover for Unhalfbricking was shot in a Wimbledon road I used to know.

Rivers flow through our lives in different ways, taking us to new places and reconnecting us with our past. Mark’s unique blog is its own kind of river, and it was his tribute to his dad that encouraged me to talk about my mum here.

Beyond onefortywords: Fairport Convention, feat. Sandy Denny, performing Roger McGuinn’s Ballad of the Easy Rider



[…] and plan soon to go to the source in Donaueschingen.   Over the summer Luke Meddings wrote a blog post “Flow river flow” in which he mentioned this blog and included a link to Sandy Denny singing “Ballad of the Easy […]

  Anne Hodgson wrote @

Adore this song 🙂

  lukemeddings wrote @

Hi Anne,I only knew the Byrds ‘Easy Rider’ version for years but Sandy Denny makes it feel a whole lot better!

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