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Welcome back

This blog has been on hold for some time, while the family cared for and at length said goodbye to my mother, Pauline. I’m proud to pay tribute to her influence here, whilst also sharing some breaking news from the world of ‘dogme’ (you’ll see the reason for the inverted commas) and inviting you to contribute to a onefortywords Special.

Finally, there’s a long overdue shout-out to Mark Andrews and his Classrooms on the Danube blog. I’ve realised how hard it is to get back on the roundabout of blogging once you’ve stepped off for any reason – all the more reason to appreciate him and all the other indefatigable bloggers of ELT.

As always, you can read the new stuff by scrolling down this column, and use category headings to search the archives, and comment at will. Welcome back!


Blue skies from now on?

Well, that was the week that was – and wasn’t. Flights were grounded, face-to-face conference presenters were at a premium and Scott Thornbury found himself impersonating Jeremy Harmer.

It was an odd time generally: were we experiencing a blip in the steady march of Progress, or a taste of things to come? Blue skies, an eerie hush – and a vision of life without cheap air travel.

It’s an ill wind (or volcano) that blows nobody any good, and Lonely Planet offered its City Guide apps for free. Nice if you were stuck in one of the cities in question, tantalising if you couldn’t get there. Sadly for onefortywords, there was no free guide to neighbouring Croydon.

I hope you enjoy this week’s posts on dogme at Harrogate, urban space, music on Twitter and information overload – look forward to your comments!